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Mock Inquest

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16 May 2009
The Coroner's Court, Brisbane Central Magistrate's Court

In May, MLSQ committee members staged a Mock Inquest at a packed Queensland Coroner's Court.  Presided over by current Queensland Coroner Michael Barnes, the inquest was designed to demonstrate to trainee doctors, interns, medical students, residents and registrars the importance of understanding the legal issues surrounding the death of a patient.  The scenario was based on real events and involved the death of a patient in ICU at “St Elsewhere”. 

Legal issues addressed included:

• What is a reportable death?

• Timely notification of death to the Coroner

• Signing a death certificate. Whose responsibility is it?

• Rules of Natural Justice

• Finding legal representation

• Giving evidence and written statements

The Inquest was a great success with some talented acting being demonstrated by a number of MLSQ committee members.  Our sincere thanks to Queensland Coroner Michael Barnes for imparting his knowledge and donating his time (and court) to the Society on this occasion.

There are plans to hold the event again next year for both society members and medical students.