About Us


The Medico-Legal Society of Queensland Inc. (MLSQ) has approximately 400 members spanning three professions: doctors, solicitors and barristers. Associate members represent professions working in the medico-legal industry including allied health practitioners, nurses, medical administrators, medical defence organisations, medico-legal reporting agencies and tertiary students of medicine and law. This mix of members provides a unique opportunity for practitioners of these disciplines to meet, share knowledge and exchange views on medico-legal issues and to develop an understanding of how those issues affect each profession.

MLSQ is a very active organisation regularly hosting dinner meetings featuring speakers from a variety of professions. Topics covered at dinners address issues and events of current interest and benefit to all practitioners. MLSQ also hosts an annual conference as well as regular educational workshops, providing opportunities to learn, network and exchange ideas.

The current Legal and Medical MLSQ Patrons are, respectively, the Hon. Justice David Boddice and Dr Glenda Powell AM.


MLSQ was formed in 1952 to further medico-legal knowledge and to promote understanding and rapport between the medical and legal professions. The then Chief Justice of Queensland, The Honourable Justice Macrossan delivered the inaugural address, Medical and Legal Aspects of Drunkenness in relation to drivers of motor vehicles.

After a hiatus during the 1970s, MLSQ was re-formed in the 1980’s and has gone from strength to strength since then. During its 60th Anniversary year, the Society agreed to incorporate, adopting a new constitution and introduce Associate Membership.

Past presidents have included a who’s who of Queensland’s legal and medical fraternities. The MLSQ executive rotates biennially through a doctor, barrister, solicitor sequence.

Dr David Pakchung, President
Ms Melinda Zerner, Vice-President
Ms Emmelene Gray, Junior Vice-President
Dr Mark Woodrow, Treasurer
Ms Claire Smith, Secretary 
Dr Glenise Berry
Mr Andrew Luchich
Dr Curtis Gray
Dr Simon Journeaux
Damien Atkinson QC
Dr Mellissa Naidoo
Ms Anna-Maria Lofaro
Ms Tracy Pickett
Richard Douglas QC
Dr Josie Sundin
Ms Katharine Philp
Mr Christopher Fitzpatrick
Dr Terry Coyne
Ms Justine Beirne
David Tait QC
Dr David Morgan
Mr Christopher Coyne
Sandy Thompson QC
Dr Russell Scott
Mr Brian Bartley
Ian Hanger AM QC
Dr David McConnel
Mr Peter Channell
John Griffin QC
Dr Lloyd Toft
Mr Geoff Gargett
Mr Desmond Derrington QC (later Hon. Justice Derrington)
Dr Peter Landy
Hon. Justice Mostyn Hanger
Hon. Justice Kenneth Townley
Professor Neville Sutton
Hon. Justice Neal Macrossan