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June 2009 Dinner

Date/Time Display: 
25 June 2009
Marble Bar, Victoria Park Golf Course

The Society’s  most recent dinner was an unforgettable evening. Guest speaker was Dr Michael Beem, a well known and highly regarded Brisbane anaesthetist.  On the morning of 30 December 2004, Dr Beem was body surfing at Burleigh Heads before going to work, when his life changed forever.  Dr Beem has no recollection of the accident that broke his neck – C2 vertebrae.  He is now totally and permanently disabled, a quadriplegic who is ventilator dependent.  Michael shared his tragic story and reflected on the financial consequences of this type of accident.  He discussed both his and other’s experience with insurance and insurers.  He also outlined Queensland’s current injury compensation system and compared this to New Zealand’s “no fault” insurance scheme. A highly thought provoking evening for all.

Over 150 people attended the dinner, the proceeds of which were donated to WANTZ.  WANTZ is a Brisbane based committee who choose a different charity each year to support.  This year, their beneficiary is the Spinal Injuries Association.  Money raised at the dinner will be used to establish an equipment bank for the Association.  The bank will store equipment available for borrowing by people with spinal injuries anywhere in Queensland. When no longer required, the equipment will be returned and be available for re-lending.  The Medico-Legal Society’s members are very proud to be supporting the Spinal Injuries Association through WANTZ.